IHVH – Black Angels part II

Here, at the end of this text, is a link to download a file of music video for IHVH – Black Angels Part II composition to be used with no charge as a music video for Youtube, Vimeo and other video platforms in the internet (including Facebook, Instagram etc).

The composer Mark Van Hoen and the record label Ash international are also free to use the video for their promotional purposes and are free to display it on different kinds of locations including festivals, concerts and art exhibitions.

For social media purposes mr Hoen and Ash international are free to take clips and screenshots from the video and modify the clips for suitable usage in social media platforms.
If mr. Mark Van Hoen or Ash international would wish to sell the video for a third party, they are obligated to negotiate a new contract with the videos director Juha Penttinen.

Credits for the video are:

Directed and edited by
Juha Penttinen

Please link social media postings to @juhapenttinen_art (in instagram) and link juhapenttinen.com for other social media platforms.

IHVH – Black Angels Part II


Screenshots (credits: Juha Penttinen):