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Juha Penttinen

Juha Penttinen

Digitaalisia maalauksia, valokuvausta, sarjakuvia, maalauksia, lyhytelokuvia, musiikkivideoita, audiovisuaalisia tuotantoja. Pohjoisen Suomen unenomaista mystiikkaa yhdistettynä hi-tech teknologiaan. Tervetuloa tutustumaan taiteeseeni!

Digital paintings, photography, comics, paintings, short films, music videos, audiovisual productions. Dreamlike mystics with hi-tech gear from the undergroud art-scene of northern Finland. Welcome to the nordic dimension!

I live in Northern Finland, close to Lapland in a small city called Oulu by the Gulf of Bothnia. My artworks include all sorts of visual art; for example music videos, video art, digital paintings and video installations.

The aesthetics of nature overtaking technology in a dreamlike journey to the conformities of nature, and the mythologies of ancient religions have been the themes of my artwork for the latest years. In my images and videos the abstract intermixes with the recognizable and takes the viewer to the edges of real and imaginary worlds.

I was born in Oulu, Finland in 1976. I made my first short movies at the age of seven and studied audiovisual arts at the Pikisaari School of Arts and Crafts here in Oulu.

I have directed and produced over one hundred audiovisual pieces. I am a founding member of the Acid Cinema ug-artist collective, which has gained a cult status with experimental and comedic films.

For my day-job I work as a nurse at University Hospital’s acute mental health unit.For more info, please contact me.

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